Lancaster LM163

Flight Sergeant Henry Jones recalls:

Unit : 625 Squadron, Royal Air Force.
Camps : Stalag Luft VII, Stalag IIIA

Diary of a Prisoner of War
August 3rd 1944 until May 27th 1945.
by ex Flight Sergeant Henry Jones
625 Squadron Royal Air Force.

3rd.August 1944.

Today landed by parachute in North of France, about 2.30 in the afternoon. Jock and I were picked up together and taken to German billets, searched etc. My gold Waltham watch and Ronson lighter taken by the soldiers - a loss I feel more than anything as the watch was a 21st. birthday present from Mother and the lighter was given to me by D.M.P. In the late evening we were taken by car to Forges les Eaux where we were put in a cell already occupied by Prof and Geordie. Was relieved to find them there and even more so when Jobbie came in an hour or two afterwards. Informed that Jimmie and big Geordie had crashed with the plane - later confirmed by the Germans. Conditions not too good four beds for five of us, ventilation, one brick knocked out of a wall. No food issued.

4th.August 1944.

Moved by road to Beauvais today. J. and G. with us we believe, Geordie, Prof, Jock and I sharing a cell. Food not too bad. Allowed out for about ten minutes daily for exercise. Water for washing provided but no soap. Lav. accommodation very primitive - one pail per cell emptied once daily - weather very warm and stench pretty awful. Remained here until about midnight 6th.August when we bundled with about 20 more Americans and English into trucks.

7th.August 1944.

Arrived in Brussells about 11 o’clock today and put in separate cells. Conditions greatly improved. Had my first wash with soap and use of w.c. Food also improved, soup very tasty. Rations 2 slices of bread and jam for breakfast, soup mid - day 2 cheese about 6 o’clock.

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