27 June 1944

27 June 1944: Mission# 177 Creil, France.

44th Bomb Group

66th Bomb Squadron

67th Bomb Squadron

68th Bomb Squadron

506th Bomb Squadron

"The primary target was the site of a small railway tunnel & marshalling yards in this German defensive area. Flak was intense and accurate over the target, with many 44th BG aircraft sustaining damages. Three men wounded by Flak, and the 506th BS lost two aircraft".

"Creil, France, the site of a rail and a Marshalling yard was the target for today. Six 67th, seven 68th and four 506th aircraft departed this base at 1515 hours, all ships reached the target, completed mission and returned to bas at 2100 hours. Bombing was accomplished on the G-H method and results were fair. The Flak was intense and also accurate over the target with many of the 44th ships being hit. Three 68th's men were wounded by Flak, and the 506th Squadron lost two planes. Lt. Scudday's ship was hit by Flak approximately 30 seconds before bombs away..."

506th Bomb Squadron B24 Liberator QK-G "Gemini" crashed over Creil in the area known as 'Bois des fenetres & La Ferme Megret". Two of the crew where taken prisoner. The rest where buried in the towns cemetery.

506th Bomb Squadron B24 Liberator? "Feudin' Wagon" crashed at Manston, Kent England. Killing Romeo Santo.

506th Bomb Squadron B24 Liberator ? ? Rear Gunner William. S. Strange jumped out of the craft believing that there was a fire on board. "open chute seen".


44th Bomb Group Roll of Honor & Casualties.

History of the 67th Bomb Squadron by Will Lundy


Marcel Mavre who witnessed the crash of "Gemini"

27 June 1944: Mission#41 Crossbow supply site at Saint Leu D'Esserent

492 Bomb Group

856 Bomb Squadron

857Bomb Squadron

858 Bomb Squadron

859 Bomb Squadron

"40 B24's bomb Crossbow supply site at Saint Leu d'Esserent while 51 others bomb Marshalling yards and airfield at nearby Creil 5 B24's are downed by AA fire.".

Of the 20 planes that reached the target, 18 of them were able to unload. One of the planes had engine problems and had to drop out. The other had trouble with its bomb rack mechanism.

"First mission in a week and think it will be plenty hot too. The target is just a tunnel. That's all they told us. We bombed with G equipment today. Hit a hell of a lot of flak. Rode the Martin today and what a time. Seen one plane go down in front of us right over the target. One guy fell out of the bomb bay. Plane off to our right exploded too. They were sure accurate with that flak today. We got a lunk of flak in our #4 engine push rod housings. Didn't have to feather the engine though. Had my eyes on it all the way back. Seen a couple of planes go down in the channel on the way back. It was plenty rough all the way. Well, only 13 more to go and I'll be done. That sure will be a happy day too. "

T/Sgt Duane Heath Diary Entry



WWII Combat Chronology June 1944

445 Bomb Group bomb Creil Airfield as does 448 Bomb Group 34 Bomb Group bomb Beauvoir.

445 Bomb Group: Mission#

701 Bomb Squadron




701 BS lose B24 "Square Danse" over Mello, France.

448 Bomb Group: Mission#25

714 Bomb Squadron


"We had one of those days that makes a fellow grow old before his time today. We flew 'R' leading the 448th with Capt. Smith as command. The target was a marshalling yards about 25 miles north of Paris. We didn't see any fighters but ah the flak. We really got it again today. I don't know how they can put that AA fire up about five miles and get it so close. This today was even worse than the last mission. Demkey got about five holes in his nose turret that knocked glass in his face. It knocked the electric and hydraulic system out of Toll's tail turret. There was a hole about 25 inches long above the right waist window. The worst part was the oxygen line was hit before we even got to the target. Part of us were out of oxygen in no time flat. We were just about ready to hit the deck when I called the pilot that we could double up so I took off for the nose where there was still oxygen. I almost passed out before I got there. Okie went to the waist and the command pilot used the large walk around bottle wo we were able to lead them on into the target. We bombed GH & hit the target. It was sure a relief to get back today. We had at least 60 flak hits including three of the engines that will have to be changed."


l714 Bomb Squadron lose B24 "Red Fox" over Vez, France.



Marcel Mavre.

Finally to add confusion, The Marshalling yards are not at Creil, but at the Petit Therain which is just past Saint Leu D'Esserent. This target was also bombed by the RAF in July 1944.

So if anybody can produce a Strike photo?

Steve Darlow in his book 'Sledgehammers for Tintacks' states that Saint Leu d'Esserent was attacked by 80 Liberators.