7/8 July 1944

Objective: Saint Leu d'Esserent

On the night of 7th 8th July 1944, 208 Lancaster bombers and 13 Mosquitoes were sent to bomb the V1 supply dump at Saint Leu D'Esserent.

The following aircraft from each squadron is detailed below:

09 Squadron:

44 Squadron:(Possible) ?206, ME634, LM631, ME859, ME694, PB190, ND631, LM192, ??625, LM170, ND869, PB189, ?D576, (source P.Snudden)

49 Squadron:LM191, LL976, ED602, ND787, JB701, PB231, PB207, LM207, ME787, LM541, ND473, JB773, LM190, ND383, JB178, ND684 (list supplied by Mr. Ed Norman)

50 Squadron:

57 Squadron:

61 Squadron:

83 Squadron:

106 Squadron: JB663, ME789, LL953, PB191, ME668, ME778, LM215, PB144, ME831, JB593, LL948, JB641, PB122, PB248, PB284, LM211

(source Gilbert Gray)

207 Squadron: LL902, ND866, ND555, ME814, ME805, LL968, ND872, LM208, LM218, LM535, LM123, ME807, ME681, ND567, ME667, LM129

(Source Raymond Glynne Owen)

467 Squadron: Wing commander Brill

630 Squadron:


09 Squadron Lancaster JA690 WS-M came down at Beaumont-les-Nonains (Oise) at La Houssoye (l’Epinette). Of the 8 only Sgt J.T.Price died and is buried in the communal cemetery. The rest evaded capture.

P/O Russ.S.Gradwell, F/L W.J.Oldacre, Sgt T.Lynch, F/O P.E .Arnold, F/O R.B.Atkinson (RCAF), Sgt J.T.Price F/S W.F.Best (RCAF) Sgt L.Sutton.


09 Squadron Lancaster JA957 WS-D crashed at Ecqueville (Yveslines) 6 died and one evaded capture (Sgt J.D Massie). The crew are buried in the Ecqueville communal cemetery.

F/O P.D.Blackham, Sgt J.D Massie, F/O J.Wenger (RCAF), F/O D.Elphick (RCAF), F/O G.A White (RCAF), Sgt V.C.Stokes, Sgt J.M.Hickey (RCAF)


09 Squadron Lancaster JB116 WS-T crashed near Millebosc (Seine-Maritime). Three of the crew became POW’s the rest died and are buried at the Millebosc communal cemetery.

P/O G.A.H.Langford, Sgt C.G.Fenn, Sgt J.L.Wright, F/S S.M.Mitchell (RAAF), Sgt I.Feldman, Sgt J.Wright (RCAF) F/O T.Baseden.


44 Squadron Lancaster ME634 KM-P shot down by night fighter and crashed near St-Germer de Fly (Oise) at La Briquetterie (La fontaine Cachieuse) F/L R.F.Carnegie was killed and  Holt died later  from injuries and are both buried at Beauvais-Marissel cemetery. Three evaded capture, two other became POW’s.

F/L R.F.Carnegie (+), Sgt R.C.Burnham (evd), Sgt W.R.Pryor (evd), Sgt S.Holt (inj;+), F/S F.C.Lillywhite (RAAF) (POW), Sgt S.C.Dare (POW), Sgt S.Fenney (evd).

44 Squadron Lancaster ME859 KM-S came down at Equennes-Eramecourt (Somme) the crew are laid to rest in the local churchyard.

P/O D.Graaff, Sgt L.A.Critchley, F/O V.D Purvis, F/S F.H Gibberson, F/O J.S.Hodge, W/O R.B.Groves (RAAF), W/O A.Holland

44 Squadron Lancaster LM631 KM-W came down near Lucy (Seine-Maritime) Sgt R.J.McDonald & P/O K.J.Gowing are buried in Lucy communal cemetery.

Sgt R.J.McDonald, P/O K.J.Gowing, Sgt E.G.Bishop (evd), Sgt A.J.Halhead (RCAF) (evd), Sgt E.W.Gardner (evd), Sgt R.Wilkinson (evd), Sgt W.W.Dineen (RCAF).

49 Squadron Lancaster LL976 EA-A shot down by nightfighter and crashed around 01h30 near Beauvoir-en-lyons (Seine-Maritime). The crew are buried at Beauvais-Marissel.

F/O C.Baker, Sgt J.M.Moss, W/O J.H.Stibbard (RAAF), F/S H.H.Hewitt, Sgt W.Higgins,Sgt E.W.Everett, Sgt R.E.Nineham.

49 Squadron Lancaster LM541 EA-N, thought to have been shot down by another Lancaster crashing at le Chesne (Eure). The crew are buried in La Chesne communal cemetery.

F/L G.E.Ball, Sgt E.Wardman, F/S G.Millar, WO2 G.A.Rae (RCAF), F/S J.Kernahan, Sgt J.A.Kirwan, F/S G.J.W.Parkinson.

50 Squadron Lancaster DV363 VN-K crashed between  Lalande en Son (Oise) & Serifontaine at Le Champ Mauger all are buried at  Saint Sever cemetery in Rouen.

F/S D.A.Davies, Sgt D.G.Marsden, F/S D.Marsden, F/S D.Marrows, F/S B.M.Joyce (RAAF), Sgt P.H.Bowen, Sgt G.Peace, Sgt G.F.McLaurin (RCAF)

50 Squadron Lancaster DV227 VN-L crashed at Rederie (Oise). The crew are buried in Moliens communal cemetery.

Sgt E.C.P.Lloyd, Sgt G.H.Tucker, F/S C.Jackson, F/S C.J.O’Connor (RCAF), F/S E.J.W.Stirling (RNZAF), Sgt K.G.Alsopp, Sgt.G.A.Higgins.

50 Squadron Lancaster PA996 VN-J exploded, throwing clear the pilot and crashed at Mesnil-Mauger (Seine-Maritime) killing 6 of the crew. Those who died are buried at Mesnil-Mauger communal cemetery.

P/O A.F.Laidlaw (RCAF) (evd), Sgt R.N.Harper, F/S F.R.Hopkins (RCAF),     W02 S.A.Motriuk (RCAF), Sgt D.Austin, WO2 J.D.Bishop (RCAF), Sgt P.O.K.Noren (RCAF)

"Flight Lieutenant Milne and his crew of No. 50 Squadron had an eventful flight. They had just bombed when their Lancaster was set upon by a Messerschmitt night fighter. One shell burst in the starboard outer petrol tank and another went through the main spar; petrol caught fire and acted as a beacon to other night fighters. However, by fine airmanship Milne evaded three further attacks and got his bomber safely back to England. On another raid Pilot Officer King of No. 158 Squadron, although wounded, navigated his Halifax back to base after it had been holed in over 130 places. Only a few months earlier King and his bomb aimer had nicknamed their aircraft ‘Friday the 13th!"

Author: H. L. Thompson (New Zealanders with the Royal Air Force (Vol.II)

57 Squadron Lancaster ME868 DX-K crashed between Fresnay le Long & St Maclou de Folleville.(Seine Maritime) Two of the crew evaded capture whilst WO2 H.W.Richards (RCAF) became POW. Those who died are buried at the St Maclou local churchyard.

P/O M.Rose, Sgt T.Sharples (evd),WO2 H.W.Richards (RCAF) (POW), Sgt W.D.Charteris (evd), Sgt F.E.F.Bale, F/S C.L.Carpenter, Sgt J.Healy.

57 Squadron Lancaster JB370 DX-O crashed SE of Montdidier. Three of the crew were captured (POW) whilst four evaded capture.

P/O N.T.Owen (evd), Sgt J.A.Gains (evd), F/S G.Bennett (pow), F/S G.M.Shaw (POW), F/L K.J.Stephens (RAAF) (evd), Sgt H.L.J.Stephen (RCAF) (evd), F/S K.P.J.Kirwan (RAAF) (POW) 

57 Squadron Lancaster LM522 DX-G crashed between Envermeu & Saint Nicolas d’Aliermont. (Seine-Maritime) P/O Findley lies in the cemetery at Envermeu whilst the rest at Saint Nicolas d’Aliermont.

P/O Findley, Sgt T.Spencer, Sgt R.K.Nixon, Sgt J.Horton, Sgt W.Clark, Sgt A.C.H.Baker,  Sgt D.Carter.

61 Squadron Lancaster R5856 QR-U hit by Flak over Mouy scattering wreckage over a wide area. At Hameau de Coincourt (Les carrieres St-Jean, Le Bois de neige bruille & Les noyers) The Crew lie to rest at Beauvais Marissel cemetery.

P/O R.H.Passant (RAAF) (+), Sgt T.E.Hunt (+), F/S P.G.Uren (+), F/S A.McW.Frew (+), F/S G.E.nash (RAAF) (+), Sgt C.Howard, F/S W.Smith (+).

61 Squadron Lancaster ND867 QR-V crashed at around 01H30 at Moliens route de Marcoquet (OISE). Those who died are buried at the local cemetery.

F/L W.E.Grantham, Sgt G.A.Berry (POW), F/S W.J.Hobbs, F/S T.C.Young (evd), F/S R.Towndrow, Sgt C.A.Balser, Sgt P.H.Baigent.

83 Squadron Lancaster ND966 OL-C, crashed in the region of Bû between Broue & Marolles (Eure & Loir), where Sgt Mellard is buried in the local cemetery. The rest of those who died are buried at Broue, in the communal cemetery

F/O F.Griffiths, Sgt C.B.Prophet, F/S W.F.Asker, F/S G.J.O.Martin, F/S E.T.Davis (POW), Sgt R.Heslop (Evd), Sgt R.H.Mellard.

106 Squadron Lancaster ME668 ZN-L crashed near Oulins (Eure & Loir). Of the four who died three rest in Oulins churchyard but W/O Bell (RAAF) has no known grave and is commemorated on panel 259 of the Runnymede memorial.

F/L G.N.Marchant (RAAF) (POW), Sgt F.Wells (POW), F/O W.G.Hardcastle,   F/O A.G.Kinnis (RCAF)(POW), W/O H.C.Bell (RAAF), Sgt W.B.Gladstone, F/O.F.G.Paterson (RCAF).

106 Squadron Lancaster ME831 ZN-R crashed near Canappeville  (Thuit-Signol) at around 01h00. The crew all bailed out.

P/O A.S.Monaghan (RAAF) (EVD), Sgt C.F.Swinley (evd), F/O H.G.Philpott (evd), F/S N.C.T.Wand (POW), Sgt G.A.Poulter (POW), F/S S.F.Gay (RCAF) (evd), F/S R.K.Sheridan.

see Swinley story & Loic Lemarchand

106 Squadron Lancaster ME789 ZN-B crashed near the town of Gournay en Bray (Seine-Maritime).

F/O G.S.Mathers (RCAF) (POW), Sgt L.T.Lucas (POW), F/O D.A.Evans (RCAF) (evd), F/O J.S.Kingston (RCAF) (POW), F/S W.Stewart (POW), Sgt J.Crawford (RCAF) (POW), Sgt W.A.Waldram (RCAF) (POW).

106 Squadron Lancaster JB641 ZN-X crashed near the village of Bures-en-Bray. All of the crew were killed . Mr. Jean Have buried the crew before they where moved to the St Sever Military cemetery in Rouen.

F/Lt Frederick Cecil Walter Clement (RAF), William Bertram Wilkinson (RAF), Ralph Desmond Potter (RAF), Sgt John Matthew McLachlan (RAF), F/O Norman Vincent Gautschi (RCAF), F/sgt James Palmer (RAF), F/sgt James Balmer (RAF).

106 Squadron Lancaster PB144 ZN-P crashed at Saint Genevieve “La Fusee” near the cemetery and the water tower(Oise) hit by Flak around 1H30. All lie to rest at Beauvais Marissel except for PJ O’Leary who is buried at Saint Genevieve.

 S/L Trevor O.Marshall (RAF), P/O Gordon R. Howell (RAF), F/O Ian J.Thompson (RAAF), Sgt Eric G.Banks (RAF), F/O Leslie C.Zeffert (RAF), F/O Juan A.Adams Langley (RAF), F/O Patrick J.O’Leary (RAF).

207 Squadron Lancaster LL902 EM-A even though being able to return to base Sgt John Butterworth, airgunner (middle upper) was killed and is buried in Manchester. 

207 Squadron Lancaster LM129 EM-Y crashed besides the RN328 on the Herouville Road near Auvers-sur-Oise (Val d’oise).

F/O Charles Edward Stamp (RAF), Sgt Kenneth Anthony Ward (RAF) (POW), F/Sgt John Eric Fisher (RAF)(POW), Sgt Edward Phelps (RAF) (POW), F/O.Arthur Eric James Gilby (RAF) (evd), Sgt Richard Gerard Seddon (RAF), Sgt John Marwood (RAF)

207 Squadron Lancaster LM218 EM-N crashed near Haudricourt near Aumale (Seine-Maritime) five of the crew were killed and are buried at Haudricourt cemetery whilst two managed to escape capture.

P/O Kenneth Arthur Boyce (RAF) (+), F/Sgt Philip Newbould Smith (RAF) (+), Sgt John Robert Parkinson (RAF) (evd),  Sgt Joseph Fear (RAF) (+), F/Sgt Alan Nichol (RAF) (Evd), Sgt Albert Laurie Sayers (RAF) (+), F/Sgt Allan Cameron Sutherlan (RCAF) (+).

207 Squadron Lancaster ME805 EM-J crashed near Wambez at the hameau of Bellefontaine at La Ferme Brûlee. Of the crew only two where captured whilst the rest where taken on by local resistance.

F/O Michael Alderton (RAF) (evd), Sgt Leonard Philip Barham (RAF) (POW), Sgt Alfred Frederick James Fagan (RAF) (evd), Sgt Albert John Chin (RAF) (POW), F/O William Allsopp Clowes (RAF) (evd), Sgt Ernest Arthur Gilbert Hay (RAF) (evd), Sgt Austin England Benet Metcalfe (RAF) (Evd).

207 Squadron Lancaster ND567 EM-V crashed at Sancourt at La vallee aux lievres. Of the crew two managed to get clear of the craft one being able to evade capture whilst the other being taken prisoner. Buried at Beauvais Marrisels.

 F/O Trevor John Hordley (RAF) (+), Sgt William Raymond Brown (RAF) (evd), Sgt Fred Booth (RAF) (+), Sgt George Baker (RAF) (POW), P/O Hugh Thomas Blakeley Burgess (RCAF) (+), Sgt Alan John Holmes (RAF) (+), Sgt Gerald Douglas Cooper (RAF)(+).     

207 Squadron ND866 EM-B Lancaster crashed at Bezu-Saint Eloi. Only one of the crew managed to get clear of the craft but was captured. Of the crew five are buried at Neaufles Saint Martin cemetery whilst Sgt Beresford Matthew Jacques lies to rest at Bezu- Saint Eloi communal Cemetery.

F/O Michael Nicholson Milner (RAF) (+), F/Sgt John Miller (RAF) (+), Sgt Ronald Charles Collings (RAF) (+), Sgt Alexander James McPherson (RAF) (POW), Sgt Beresford Matthew Jacques (RAF) (+), Sgt Edward William Palmer (RAF) (+), Sgt Arthur Courtney Barrett (RAF) (+).

467 Squadron Lancaster LM219 PO-G  crashed near Saint Germer de Fly. Hit by fighter aircraft the Lancaster crashed at ‘Le Grand Montagny’ only two crew managed to jump and escape.

F/L Robert W. Reynolds RAF (+), P/O John D. O’Driscoll (RNZAF) (+), Sgt Ronald J.Taylor (+), F/S Horace A. Cummins RAAF (+), F/S L.Jimmy G.Walsh  RAAF (escaped), Stephen S.Adams RAAF (escaped), Sgt Gordon T. Tipping RAF (+), F/S Gilbert G. Podosky RAAF (+)

467 Squadron Lancaster LM338 PO-U crashed at Courgent (Yvelines).

F/O P.W.Ryan RAAF (+),  Sgt G.A.Hays RAF (+), W/O C.C.Jones RAAF (+), F/S V.E.Cockroft RAAF (+), F/S L.H.Porritt RAAF (+), F/S W D.D.Killworth RAAF (+), F/S J.P. Steffan RAAF (+).

630 squadron Took off from East Kirkby at 2244 hrs on 7th July 1944 for a raid on the V-Weapon storage facility at St. Leu d'Esserent (North of Paris). The aircraft crashed around 0130 hrs to the South East of Villers-en-Arthies (Val d'Oise), 11km SSW of Magny-en-Vexin. OMERVILLE

619 Squadron Lancaster NE688 LE-R Took off from Dunholme lodge crashed near Precy sur Oise. Both air gunners are buried at Boran cemetery whe remaindered of the crew evaded capture.

F/L C.C. Johnston, Sgt W.A. Clark, F/L T.J.Lakes, F/O M.A Cockman, F//O D.W. Cotter all evaded capture F/S B McDonagh (+)Sgt J.I.S. Patterson (+)


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