G.B 6

Groupe de bombardement


Still under constrution


Le Groupe de bombardement 6 was based at Soissons, on the 16 May 1940, it retreated to Persan-Beaumont & Creil which was then joined by the Groupe from Reims. Both Groupes consited respectivly of 1/12, 2/12 and 1/31, 2/31 totalling 55 aircraft and 212 crew members.

Between th 10th and 22 May 1940, 31 aircraft were destroyed or out of service, 14 had been shot down and 12 destroyed on the ground following attacks and 1 having been shot down by friendly fire.

Between th 28 May and 24 June, 33 more aircraft (13 more had been received) had been destroyed due to Flak or enemy fighters, totaling 50% of the force. The loss of 120 men following 346 sorites, and 215 missions carried out.

G.B 1/12

The 21 April 1940, 2nd Group of the 12th Medieum Bomber Squadron (escadre), under the command of Capitan Ruth was issued with 13 Loire & Oliver 45 aircraft and were stationed at Persan-Beaumont airfield.

By the 28th April the group was under Alert n°1, following a visit to the airfiled by General Astier de la Vigerie. On the 11th May 1940 following the invation of Belguim, Holland and Luxembourg by the Germans the 2nd Group would fly their first missions

"Our crafts returned full of shell holes"

Missions 1, 2 & 3: Target the Albert canal bridge between Tongres & Maastricht.

This was a joint effort with elements of the 1st Groupe de Bombardement and escorted by fighters stationed at Maubeuge. (?)

The attack also consited of bombing armour coloums of the advancing German army. This was carried out by Captain Knipping.

During the raid the bombers where intercepted by the Luftwaffe and their Messerschmidts added to the intese FLAK.

L'adjudant Auge abord n°40 aircraft was injured in his leg.

LeO n° 45 which was hit by Flak landed with out being able to down its landing gear. The landing was a remarkable feet carried out by Sergent Chef Vasser.

LeO n° 43 upon landing counted 238 impacts from shell fire.

LeO n° 46 was lost with its crew (Sous-Lieutenant Morel, adjudant-chef Moquelet, adjudant Natta & sergent-chef Jacque.

Mission 4

Friday 17th May, the order was given to bomb moterised infantry near the towns of Chimay & Trelon. Four aircraft took part in this raid. One aircraft was lost

Capitaine Rocher, Sous-Lieutenant Masclaud, adjudant-chef Lambert & Caporal-chef Le Goyat.

Escape, Sunday 19th May 1940!

The aircraft left, took to the skies when the Luftwaffe attacked the airfield and the railway line On the ground the sergent Kess Lombardi was killed and one aircraft was lost. Killing the crew. Adjudant-Chef Michelet, Adjudant Auge, Sergent-chef Roques and the Sergent-Chef Servis.

The Bomb Group 2/12 left Persan-Beaumont on the 21 May 1940 for Orleans. It had lost 8 of its 13 aircraft and three crews.


The French airforce "Groupe de bombardement n° 6" was built up of 6 bomb groups: G.B 1/12; G.B 1/31, G.B 1/38, G.B II/38; G.B.A 1/51 & G.B.A 1/54.

Of these only G.B 1/12; G.B 1/31, G.B 1/38, G.B II/38 recieved LeO 45s as did Air Maroc & Air Algerie

G.B. 1/31

11 June 1940 the G.B. 1/31 landed at Alep with 11 Leo 45s.



Groupe de Bombardement 1/11

G.B 1/11 lost a Leo45 N°3001 at Sains en Amienois the 31 mai 1940. Killing the Commandant Paul-Bertrand Berdoulat, Capitaine Pierre-Maurice Hilaire Maury, Sergent-Rene Salesses, the sole surviver was L'adjudant-Chef Henri Meyzonnade. This LeO was part of a group of four of which none returned. They were engaged by enemy fighters with the LeO n° 3001 being the lead aircraft.

LeO n° 150 crashed the 6th June 1940 at Remaugies, in the Somme killing the crew. Sous-Lieutenant Georges Paulet, Adjudant Marcel Gatinois, Sergent-Chef Rene Midonnet & Sergent Lucien Laberty.