Of the 8 crew on board of 425 Squadron Halifax LL594 only 2 managed to survive. The rest of the crew were initially buried at the local cemetery before being moved to an American cemetery and then to Dieppe and are looked after by the CWWGC except Thomas Edwin Lee who lies to rest in Chantilly.

Pilot Philbin, G.B (RCAF) evaded capture

Navigator Reed Raymond-Alexander (RCAF) died,

Wireless Operator Stamp Leslie George (RAF) died,

Flight Engineer Gracie William Brown (RCAF) died,

Bomb Aimer Lee Thomas Edwin (RCAF) died,

Air Gunner Beresford Graham (RAF) died,

Air Gunner Clark Brian (RAF) died,

Air Gunner Milliard G.L (RCAF) POW

News paper article 04-08-1994

A little research:

Ken Cothliff visited Saint Leu & Saint Max in 1994 and was received by Mr. Gilbert Marionval, Mrs. Paulette Formaux, Mrs. Raymonde Carbon, Mrs. Daniele Ducros, Rene Charpentier & Daniel Lesobre. He visited the area and having brought with him a Maple tree from Canada, this was planted at the Anne Frank school in Saint Maximin. He also offered a plaque cast in bronze which is also to be found in the school yard. Following on from the local newspaper article by E. Berger. I searched the internet and found an article on This is Bradford website. Since these event, I have managed to get in contact with Ken Cothliff.

Prior to meeting him, I spoke with a local, Mr. Pierre Tacail who seemed to recall that the crash site was along the D44 road. "La Fosse aux Bouleaux". (This area is plastered with bomb craters and is often walked). Other reports by Gilbert Marionval also seems to indicate this area. LL594 was hit by FLAK

The local cemetery worker has also carried out research and to correct one source T.Lee, landed along the Gouvieux road and not in the forest of Compiegne.

Ken Cothliff returned this year 21-09-2008 with a good friend of his Mr. David Lee who looked after Duxford Museum.

We are still looking for any infromation about the crew.

Local area map pointing out crash site.
Map showing area of crash (supplied by Ken Cothliff)
Crew of LL594 (supplied by K. Cothliff)