Lancaster JA690

24 years after: The English aviator shot down by the Germans over Saint Leu D'Esserent meets his rescuer’s at Berneuil en Bray.

During the last War, the 8th July 1944, an English aeroplane was shot down near to Saint Leu d’Esserent.

            The two aviators, a lieutenant & a Sergeant, jumped out of the aircraft and landed in the woods, near to Vauroux. During two days & two nights they wandered the woods before getting to the small commune of Vivrots near to Berneuil en Bray. It was here, exhausted that they knocked at the door of a house and spoke with the owners.

Mr & Mrs George Dumont, hid them for eight days, risking their lives and those of the towns folks from capture by the Germans.

For more that 24 years mr & Mrs Dumont had no news of the aviators who had safely returned back to their homeland. Needless to say every year at Christmas they received a letter from the Royal Air force Escaping Society to thank them for what they had done.

This year (1968?), on of the crew, Mr. Leslie Sutton, managed to trace the address of Mrs Husson, the aunt of Mr & Mrs Dumont and corresponded with her. A trip to France was decided, accompanied by his wife and son Julien aged 10, they arrived at Beauvais on the 11 July. The young airmen was instantly recognised by his savers.

For a few days the Sutton family spent a few days holiday in the region  before returning back to England.

“Transaled from French, Extract from local newspaper?"


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