Lancaster LM631

" On their return journey to England, the Lancaster bomber was hit by Flak near Lucy, a small town in the Seine Maritime department. Of the severn aboard, three managed to jump out one being W.Dineen." The tree were picked up during the night by Rene Trebot who hid him with the help of the local Resistance group at Rolande Allaume home, she too a Resistance member."

Etienne Framery

44 Squadron Lancaster LM631 KM-W came down near Lucy (Seine-Maritime) Of the crew of seven both Sgt R.J.McDonald & P/O K.J.Gowing were killed and are buried in Lucy communal cemetery. This aircraft is reported to have been shot down by a night fighter.

Sgt R.J.McDonald,

P/O K.J.Gowing,

Sgt E.G.Bishop (evd),

Sgt A.J.Halhead (RCAF) (evd),

Sgt E.W.Gardner (evd),

Sgt R.Wilkinson (evd),

Sgt W.W.Dineen (RCAF) (evd).

Crew photo of LM 631 KM-W (supplied by Bill Dineen)
Fake Identity card of Sgt A. Halhead
Caterpillar pin awarded to W.William Dineen
W. Dineen
The above collection of photos was very kindly supplied by Bill Dineen. He has also informed me that Rear gunner W.Dineen and bomb Aimer Halhed were the only two Canadians in the crew. They were hidden at the farm of Maurice and Rolande Alleaume near Nesle Hodeng (Seine Maritime).