Dear Graham
                       I became involved with Lamorlaye when I received a call from Bob Farrel who was living just north of Paris and had met Gilbert and Marcel... ...The Bomber Command Museum put them in touch with one of the Rhodesian pilots called Bill Dives and we were both invited to the exposition at Lamorlaye.

I was honoured to open the exposition... We had lunch with members of the old Resistance followed by music of a naval band outside. In the afternoon,we had talks given by the Mayor and Gibert Marionval with signing of autograph books. Afterwards,we visited the homes of various people who had helped with the exposition or had taken part in the Resistance and were greatly impressed by the enthusiasm of the local people for keeping alive our efforts to win the War...

...Later,we were taken by members of the local Flying Club on a flight around Trossy and St Leu plus the chateau at Chantilly and various points of interest
We were grateful for the opportunity to view the V1 storage dumps and some of the damage we had caused. Also we understood the horrors which the local people had to endure

Kind regards

copy of the poster I was given

Our first operation 02/08/1944 by daylight on Trossy, near the target it was impressive to see so many Lancasters getting ever closer to each other. We were at three levels but it was frightening to see aircraft above us with the bomb doors open. I had to make the pilot move the aircraft over or we would have had bombs through our wings. Apart from this the raid was successful with no losses. The following day we had another raid on Trossy with 372 aircraft and this time 5 were lost, at least two due to bombs throught the wings.

On 5th August 1944 went to Saint Leu d'Esserent with 249 aircraft and no losses.

Ron Biggs (15th November 2007)

Pleased that red TI on target,These were always the first to go down and green TIs were used to correct the aiming point on the controllers instructions It appears they were not needed. The trip was all 5 Group a/c and we came from Dunholm Lodge just North of Lincoln with 207 Sqdn

Ron Biggs (15th September 2008)


Crew Photo (supplied by Ron Biggs)

Ron Biggs standing inside the entrance to the caves in Saint Leu

(supplied by Ron Biggs)

Extracts from a letter received from Ron Biggs (2007)

Following an exposition held in Lamorlaye in 1993 at which I was given a poster by those who organised it, I was extremely pleased to receive an e-mail from Robert Biggs, son of Ron Biggs. Indeed, Ron Biggs took part in the bombing raids over Trossy and Saint Leu d'Esserent. Below are some of the documents he has shared with me.

Thank you.