Lancaster ND339

Graeme and Snowball stayed in a haystack only eating raw potatoes and turnips until eventually after several days they presented themselves at the farm door asking for food and drink. They were taken in and given a meal of eggs and pork, while eating this meal in the kitchen some Germans arrived asking for eggs. Graeme and Snowball were pushed into the cupboard until the farmer got rid of the Germans. The penalty for helping these airmen would have been immediate execution. The farmer later on brought along a R.C Priest who had connections with the Resistance. This farmer was the father of our host Michel Beucamp. They stayed there for a week but because Micheal then only 7 years old and his sister Nellie aged 13 year started to talk at school they were moved quickly to another Resistance contact who owned a Chateau where they were hidden for several weeks. The French Resistance did a wonderful job of providing these airmen with false identity papers and civilian clothes and they were moved onto Rouen where they would met up with the allies.
Graeme Price