Lancaster PA996

50 Squadron Lancaster PA996 VN-J exploded, throwing clear the pilot and crashed at Mesnil-Mauger (Seine-Maritime) killing 6 of the crew. Those who died are buried at Mesnil-Mauger communal cemetery.

P/O A.F.Laidlaw (RCAF) (evd)

Sgt R.N.Harper.

F/S F.R.Hopkins (RCAF).

     W02 S.A.Motriuk (RCAF).

Sgt D.Austin.

WO2 J.D.Bishop (RCAF).

Sgt P.O.K.Noren (RCAF).

Part of the aircraft was found at the bottom of this field
Mesnil-Mauger communal cemetery

P/O A.F.Laidlaw (RCAF)...