A small town of 400 inhabitants during the war years, south east of Gisors (Val d’Oise). The Germans had transformed these mine with workers from Belgium and some of the locals. Its main entrance is situated adjacent to the railway line (no longer in use) which had a main link to Dieppe & Paris.

Mr. Vincent Claude who still lives in Nucourt, whom I met on 2nd January 2005, remembers well the V1 bombs being transported by articulated trucks along Rue de La Gare. As a teenager, he and his friends would intimidate the Germans by looking at the sky when ever they drove past. The Germans believed the kids could see allied aircraft. They used to get shouted at soon it got them into a lot of trouble.

His house was bombed, his family were hiding in the celler when it was hit. He recalls how his family had to dig their way out due to the house having collapsed.

He also adds that the station master at the time was an Alsatian. The station was right next to the main entrance of the base. During the first raid over Nucourt, the station master was running up Rue de la Gare to get away, but was unfortunately hit and died later in hospital. It is understood that thanks to his efforts much of the information concerning the base was passed onto La Resistance

Mr. Vincent Claude adds that he remembers bombs were tied together in groups of three and with this he said farewell and carried on with his afternoon walk.


Bombing raids:

22 June 1944 USAAF

24 June 1944 USAAF

10 July 1944 RAF

13 / 14 July 1944 RAF aborted?

15 July 1944 RAF

15 / 16 July 1944 RAF

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