I have still to put together all the information I have concerning the USAAF raids to the OISE region, many Bomb Groups flew missions to Creil which is just up the road from the V1 dumps. Indeed Creil airfield was hit many times as well as the industrial town causing much destruction.

Contact has been made with many USAAF associations concerning these raids. However, even though these raids didn't concern 'Noball" sites the raids listed below do have links with Saint Leu D'Esserent.

I have very little concerning these raids so if you have any information about them please do contact me.

"Noball" is the term used by the Americans for Crossbow sites.

A lot of the towns around Saint Leu D'Esserent had links with the V1 operations and even thought raids carried out on the other towns may have conflicting reports, or not specifically Crossbow / NoBall raids, they all played an important part in putting and end to the V1 reign of terror.

3 June 1944

An attack carried out by Thunderbolts on a Flak emplacement in Saint Leu D'Esserent W.H. Merriam was shot down during this raid.

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27 June 1944

Conflicting reports concerning this raid.

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