"We were never afraid"

"He should go down the Paris road until he comes to the town of Creil, where the bridge across the lovely River Oise lies with its broken back in the stream. At Creil he should turn right, following the valley of the Oise and what was once a railway track, driving at best he can over what was once a road. He should go along this road, in comparison with which the blasted heath in Macbeth would be as pleasent as a seaside esplanade, until he come to the village, or what is left of the village, of Saint Leu...

...To the Germans these caves were a godsend. Too deep underground to be reached by bombs; of such area inside that they could hold almost unlimited quantities of material; easily reached by road, rail and river; they offered the perfect storage place for any weapon of war that had to be stored in safety. In the caves of Saint Leu, therefore, the Germans found the perfect home for their flying bomb...

...Through French help, bombers of the RAF & the USAAF helped to lessen greatly the strength of the attacks on England. They destroyed railways, trains and roads, they plugged up entrances to the caves and in doing so they brought on the French people a degree of suffering of which the British people can never be too aware."

"We were never afraid", was still their watchword, In these words the French pay their own tribute to much that is best in their national character"

These words are taken from, Flying Bombs over England by H.E.Bates.

Having been able to speak with some of those who lived throught the bombing raids, they all told me the same, "We were never afraid"